Friday, 29 April 2016

Plumbing web design, what to avoid

Plumbing web design          

The service based industry such as plumbers, builders, carpenters and brick layers generally all have poor web designs and SEO, they are all outranked by directories such as yell, bing and yahoo and most of their sites look terrible.

In this article I will discuss what makes a good web designfor plumbers.  If you want a great plumbing website then keep on reading as this blog will provide you everything that you need to outrank your competition in terms of aesthetics and search visibility.

Mobile friendly website

A website in the year 2016 should be mobile friendly, if it isn’t then you should get a new one because frankly you are losing a tonne of business.  over 62% of your customers are searching your business website on their phone and if it doesn’t work correctly your visitors will become frustrated and hate your business, don’t believe me? Your loss.

Your site needs to work on mobiles, tablets and desktops.  If it doesn’t then like I said above you are losing out on business but further more you are also being penalised by search engines like Google who tend to favour mobile responsive websites because they provide the user with a better experience and Google is all about that user experience and so should you.

Providing your users with a good experience will make them more likely to purchase your services rather than your competitors.

Locally optimised

Want more business? then you have to rank online, but you also have to rank where your customers live.  Being a serviced based industry will mean that your customers live less than 30 miles from you, ranking locally is key to your business growth, if you don’t rank locally then once again you are losing out on business while your competition grows from this local business.


If your website doesn’t work on mobile and doesn’t rank locally then you need a new website, no doubt about that.  If you want to grow your business then clickhere to get your new web design process started.